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Vegas Sports Book

Vegas Sports Book

Las Vegas offers its customers a pool of sportsbooks that it might be hard to choose. If you, too, want some help choosing Vegas sports book for your betting needs, then you are in luck.

In this post, I'm going to spend my time looking at the best sportsbooks you'd consider to place your bets with. 

To do so, I'll consider a few factors that help determine the best bookmakers, as follows:

⦁ Betting limits

⦁ Comfort

⦁ Screens

⦁ Drinks

⦁ Bet types

⦁ Location

With that being said, let's start with the following sportsbook:

Westgate LV Superbook

This is the first Vegas sportsbook because it has its own oddsmakers responsible for quickly releasing lines. These oddsmakers can also take big bets. 

As for the screens, this sportsbook has 25,000 square foot Superbook, which has big 4k high resolution screens. 

As such, the recently renovated smoke-free screens form the largest LED video wall in the world of sports betting.

This Vegas sports book offers its bettors some drink tickets, which they love. 

Then, if you would like to bet with a sportsbook with these features, this may be your great chance.

To get to Westgate LV Superbook, which is located a few minutes off the strip, you would take only ten minutes by car.

South Point

Like Westgate LV Superbook, South Point can be easily accessed from its mid-strip location; to get to this place, you take only 15 minutes by a car. It is among the oldest, most popular sportsbooks in Las Vegas. 

This Vegas sports book can take bets just as  big as those of Westgate LV Superbook. It also offers drink tickets to its customers. Its VSIN studio is located on-site, which is yet another bonus. 

Even though it shares a lot in common with the above sportsbook, South Point does not outsource its own lines. Instead, it hangs them by itself. 

Circa Sports

While it's a brand-new Vegas sportsbook, Circas Sports has old bookmakers behind the counter. Many fans love this sportsbook for this very reason.

They believe that having old bookmakers behind the counter helps the new sportsbook offer some unique bet types; it helps this Vegas sportsbook do more..

You can access this sportsbook at the Golden Gate to wager on the most popular sports among American bettors. 

Red Rock

Another well-maintained Vegas sports book that you might want to bet with is Red Rock located in the lovely Summerlin area. 

So, bettors can easily access this sportsbook; it's near the famous Red Canyon, where the name of this Vegas sportsbook comes from. 

With its plenty of seats, Red Rock makes it easy for bettors to enjoy comfort while placing their wagers on the most popular sports in America; they are displayed on the best screens in Vegas.

With the list above, you can choose your favorite Vegas sportsbook; make sure it meets the above-mentioned requirements and your betting needs. 

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