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Sports Betting Reddit

Sports Betting Reddit

Due to its useful information even on sports betting, Reddit is the 5th most visited website in the US alone.

In this post, you'll learn the benefits of using sports betting Reddit; you'll get to know the top 6 best sportsbooks as rated by experts on Reddit.

With so many experienced and professional bettors exchanging ideas on Reddit, you'll gain the skills necessary to become a better bettor.

Better yet, you'll also learn from normal people who comment about sports betting in general; they won't be promoting any sportsbooks.

As an active social media, Reddit has more than 180,000 members dedicated to sports betting alone. 

You'll find them discussing the best sportsbooks in the US. Their discussion may cover everything from bonuses to odds. 

These members or Redditors have a particular tendency, though: they favor the oldest, most popular sportsbooks over the new ones.

There is some downside; any person—whether a novice bettor or experienced one—can sign up on Reddit and comment on sports betting. 

For this reason, you'd have a critical eye when reading through the comments. You'd keep only what you like. 

6th Best Sportsbooks in America

On sports betting Reddit, you'd consider the following sportsbooks as rated by experts on the platform:

Aside from offering attractive odds, which American bettors love, this sportsbook also offers prop bets. 

Bettors tend to love sports betting sites with .ag domains, which is another reason they choose to go with BetOnline.

SportsBetting is another great sports betting site, which offers odds combined with props. 

This sportsbook—a sister site of BetOnline—has also had many positive reviews on Reddit, all of which are about safety and security.

So, bettors' personal and financial details are secure with SportsBetting. You, too, will have peace of mind when wagering with this sportsbook.

Upon signing up on SportsBetting, you will also have the chance to get up to $1000 of bonus.


If you are interested in more sign-up bonuses, you won't go wrong with BetUs. Yet, you have to be a high roller to like this sports betting site.

While this sportsbook hasn't had a lot of mentions on Reddit, BetUs can provide you with a $125 sign up bonus. 

More interestingly, you can get up to $3,125 on your first deposit if you use the code JOIN125.

This sportsbook is better than other sports, including Bovada, MyBookie or XBet; it has a mere 10x rollover requirements. But high rollers have to deposit a minimum of $100 to bet with BetUs.

Even though this sportsbook uses a .lv domain extension referring to the internet code of a country in Eastern Europe named Latvia, it is exclusively for American bettors.

The betting site used the .lv domain extension in an attempt to rebrand itself. If this site is unfamiliar to you, just think about its old, popular name, which is Bodog. 

Because this betting site has been around and successful since the year 2000, many American Redditors still use this company to bet on their sports.

For this reason, the company even has an active subreddit dedicated to its products and offers. 

Currently, its subreddit, which is r/Bovada, has more than 15000 members.

Most Redditors seem to be satisfied with the banking options that Bovada offers to them. With the click of the mouse, they can make withdrawals. 

They even have the option to use Bitcoin which, according to users, has made both deposits and withdrawals faster, easier, and more private.

Redditors also love MyBookie, which offers incredibly interesting props. Its prop builder enables bettors to mix and match sports to build a custom bet.

Because of its massive success on Reddit, the company has decided to feature Reddit on its homepage.

If interested, you can watch live games on the site by typing in "Reddit" after pressing "CTRL + F".

XBet, the last sportsbook on this list, provides bettors with an incredible sign-up bonus. 

As a member, you can get up to $300 of sign-up bonus. This may not seem like a lot at first. But when compared to the bonuses given by sportsbooks in the industry, that's a pretty high figure. 

On XBet, you can also get a 7% cashback deal by placing horse racing bets. You are also rewarded for referring a friend to XBet.

Overall, with a lot of information on sports betting Reddit, you'd make informed decisions based on what your betting needs are and how trustworthy a sportsbook is. Only then will you find a reliable sportsbook to meet your every need. 

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