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Gals Sports Betting

Gals Sports Betting

Gal Sports Betting (GSB) is a well-known online sports betting company in Africa; it has made a great breakthrough in the Tanzanian gambling market. 

While people from other African countries such as Uganda and Zambia wager with GSB, this sportsbook relies on the Tanzanian local market. So, it's keeping the brand with the Tanzanian audience. 

If you are from any of these African countries, you can play with Gal Sports Betting and make some money online. 

Are you wondering about the sports this African sportsbook offers? Well, the sports offered by this sportsbook are, unfortunately, average when compared to other bookmakers in the country.

If you are living in Tanzania, you can wager on all the matches from the Tanzanian Championship. 

Yet, this sportsbook has expanded overseas: it also offers the most popular sports from countries like Germany, England, Italy, and Spain. 

It provides players with the chance to bet on more than 1000 other sports events from different countries. 

Then, if you are interested in Gal Sports Betting, you can place your bets on the following sports:


⦁ Baseball 

⦁ Football

⦁ Cricket 

⦁ Table Tennis

⦁ Football

⦁ Volleyball

⦁ Basketball


⦁ Boxing

⦁ Virtual Sports

⦁ Ice Hockey Rugby

As mentioned earlier, you will have the chance to wager with many more sports from other different countries than Tanzania.

As a player, you'll benefit from statistical data containing results of previous matches. You will also benefit from statistical analysis of the results. 

As for the odds, Gal Sports Betting has slightly high odds. But it does not offer a wide selection of betting markets for bettors. Nor does it offer live betting markets.

Worse yet, the sportsbook does not have a live streaming feature on its site. 


GSB provides players with Tsh 1000 as free bets, which is one set of bonus. This is another downside of Gal Sports Betting. 

Yet, the company offers impressive jackpot promotion types for bettors. 

Jackpot Prizes

Gal Sports Betting offers the following three different types of jackpots to players: 

⦁ My 13 Jackpot offering more than Tsh 50 million winning prizes;

⦁ Monster 5 offering Tsh 500,000;

⦁ My 13 Double Jackpot offering more than Tsh 100,000,000 millions.

You can get these prizes only when betting on football matches from English leagues chosen by GSB itself.

How to Play

Since GSB does not yet have a mobile app, you can place your wager only on their site, using your device's browser. 

There you can access the sportsbook's mobile menu, where only sports betting activity is listed. 

This mobile version, which uses only simple software, does not include other gambling services.

You will be able to choose your preferred sports type. You'll also have access to pre-match and live betting features as well as jackpots.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The site offers two methods to deposit and withdraw money. 

⦁ Tito Pesa: you can make a deposit with this method by dialing *150*01#, selecting 'Pay Bills', entering business 277766, providing your custom ID and amount and then confirming with your PIN. Then, you will receive an SMS from Gal Sports Betting with the code you need to enter.

⦁ M-pesa from Vodacom: you can make a deposit by dialing *150*00#, selecting 'Pay By M-Pesa', entering the same business number 277766, entering your custom ID and your amount and then confirming with your PIN. Then, you will receive an SMS from GSB with the code you need to enter.

Deposit and Withdrawal Amounts

To start betting with GSB, you need to make a minimum deposit of Tsh 500 per transaction and maximum deposit of Tsh 4,000,000 per transaction.

Whatever your prize may be, you can withdraw a Tsh 1000 minimum and a Tsh 4,000,000 maximum.

Overall, Gal Sports Betting (GSB) has a lot of weaknesses when compared to other sportsbooks in Tanzania and across Africa. Therefore, if you are looking for the latest online sports betting standards, you may consider placing your bets elsewhere.

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